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Norman Einstein's Normanthology

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Norman Einstein's Normanthology. Cian O'Day (editor). New York: 2012. 108p.: ill.; 21.6cm.


The best of Norman Einstein's Sports & Rocket Science Monthly is finally here in one print volume: Norman Einstein's Normanthology. From the roar of a football stadium to the rodeos of the American West. From a hard foul's violent beauty to a penalty shootout's ecstatic panic. From long-shot dreams in forgotten gyms to tragic blunders on the biggest stages. The very best stories from Norman Einstein's touch the universal themes of sports: triumphant, tragic, and all points in-between. Culled from the magazine's 21 issue run, Norman Einstein's Normanthology features the work of Alex Birdsall, Andrew Reilly, Ben Birdsall, Brian Blickenstaff, Cian O'Day, Eric Nusbaum, Fredorrarci, Graydon Gordian, John Saward, Stephanie Lim, and Ted Walker with an introduction by Brian Phillips. Limited edition of 250, assembled by hand.